"There are no bad teams, only bad leaders.
​It's not what you preach, it's what you tolerate."
- Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

Creating win-win solutions

Rise up.


Our team of experts are ready to set you up for success!! We've earned our reputation by creating HUMAN first WIN-WIN solutions that prioritize your needs and goals.

We are committed to providing you with innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Every business is unique; we take the time to get to know you and your needs. 

We offer a variety of solutions, such as:
  • Inclusive Hiring
  • Change Management
  • Rise Up Leadership Training 
  • Custom Training Solutions 
  • Out-of-the-box Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Visual Graphics

We've got your win-win solutions

Human + Business

Leadership + Culture

Rise Up Leadership Training Program

Our brand of leadership focuses on the human side of business. We train leaders to create an inclusive, growth, and high-performance culture. If you want your organization to stand the test of time, you need a resilient and unstoppable team.

To reach that level, you need leaders who foster skills growth and innovation through a vibrant and shame-free work environment. We’re breaking leadership paradigms by cultivating leaders who serve their teams with humility and courage. More than ever, people are craving authenticity and connection.

Our mission is to empower you to RISE. UP. TOGETHER!

Growth & High Performance

Organization & Skills Growth

Resilient & Unstoppable Team

Vibrant & Shame-Free Work Environment




Veeva Vault & ServiceNow Implementations | Amgen Partnered with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to strategize, design, and develop training solutions (i.e.; communications, eLearning courses, infographics, job aids, WalkMe steps, etc.) as part of ​three extensive system implementations, and international change management initiatives.

Q-Force | Quest Nutrition, LLC | Food Manufacturing
Designed and developed a comprehensive employee engagement and compensation program to increase overall employee satisfaction through personal growth and incentive initiatives.

Member Mania | Cambia Health Solutions | Health Insurance Call Center

Managed the implementation of a customer focused initiative in new hire training that resulted in an increase of member satisfaction and employee quality scores and decreased customer complaints. 

Change Management | University of Washington | ERP Implementation 
Partnered with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to design change management, communication and training strategy, including deliverables and timeline, for remediated systems as part of the largest ERP implementation in the history of Workday.

Change Management | Johnson & Johnson | Biosense Webster
Designed and delivered an extensive training and coaching program to prepare a team of nine to manage projects, communicate effectively with stakeholders and design, develop and deliver compelling training.

Leadership Training | Quest Nutrition, LLC | Food Manufacturing
Co-authored a 12 month intensive leadership training program, based on the book Extreme Ownership, as part of a long-term sustainability initiative to strengthen the leadership skills of new and existing leaders.


Kim Bilyeu
Johnson & Johnson, Quest Nutrition and Cambia Health Solutions

Michelle Medved

It has been my privilege to work alongside Terica in several different roles for more than twelve years. Most recently, I hired Terica as a consultant to work with my team Johnson & Johnson, because I knew beyond a shadow of doubt, she had the skills and abilities my team needed. As a consultant Terica is the type of person we all dream of, she is fabulous at taking the big picture idea you have and making it actionable. She thrives in an enviroment where she can coordinate with the key stakeholder to make the project come to life. Terica has a significant experience in managing the needs and expectations of key stakeholders at all levels of an organization. She sets up regular check-in meeting times and seeks feedback on her work and makes adjustments as necessary. Not only can she function in this capacity on her own, she is even better when working with or leading a project team. Terica is able to keep track of all the pieces of even the most complicated projects because she is adept at organization and time management which allows her to get more done than most people are able to accomplish. She understands how to set realistic expectations for herself and whatever project she is working on and is able to adjust when priorities change during the course of a project. All of this to say there are few people I trust fully as I trust Terica to work alongside me to make even my most ambitious plans and projects into a reality! 

I am hoping to work with Terica again. Throughout our project, she exceeded all expectations. Terica is a learning professional super-star! She is an instructional design expert, a strategic project manager, and master of eLearning developement in Storyline. Her leadership skills helped the team focus on the end results and respond quickly to many curveballs. Everyone on the team was impressed with Terica's excellent communication skills and laser focused approached to meeting our goals. Her output on this project was astounding and we developed a deep admiration for her discipline, strategic focus, and commitment to meeting tight deadlines. Terica is more than an asset for any project - she is a life-saver! Her super fast learning curve and positive approach to embracing new technologies helped us avoid many pitfalls. On a fast paced global learning rollout, she was the perfect fit. Any organization that works with Terica will have an immediate advantage. 


I've had the absolute pleasure of bringing Terica onto my team to support multiple global projects. She is a natural servant leader with a clear presence of mind when working with teammates, leadership and all levels of stakeholders. As a training consultant, she is a consummate professional and expert who can resolve complex technical issues, raises the bar in quality for the entire project and readily coaches other team members to successful execution. As an Organizational Change Manager, Terica is adept at identifying and addressing resistance to change in a positive and constructive manner, keeping leadership engaged, equipped and accountable and ensuring all components of change are being handled effectively. She is confident and calm during periods of organizational stress and is a voice of clarity and insight to those around her. As a person, Terica is positive, sharp, very reliable, a quick learner and a joy to work with. She brings energy, vision, and quality to any team. She needs only general goals and can devise the path forward, bringing together the right people and best plans to deliver well. I highly recommend Terica for any OCM, training consultation or position where her skills are applicable. 

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