Three ways to live a FUCK YES life!

Life by Design, Mindset, Self Worth, Uplevel • October 18, 2023

Like most people, I felt I wasn’t enough for the majority of my life. When I hit rock bottom in 2012, I was also at my highest weight ever, unhappy & depressed, and felt like a complete failure in all aspects of my life. Let me tell you, that’s a hard place to come back from. It was a slow process, but my life was radically transformed because I took inspired action from that place of darkness. 

Here are three things (I did) that you can start doing today to live a FUCK YES life:

Love on Yourself: When was the last time you pampered yourself? When did you last have a quiet moment to think about what you want? Scheduling time for ourselves is often the first thing we stop doing when stressed, but it is vitally important for our well-being and success.

Eating Healthy & Exercise: How you fuel your body matters. The food we eat can cause joint inflammation & pain, bloating, lack of energy, etc. Exercise is not just for weight loss; it also creates more brain cells, releases endorphins, which reduce stress & anxiety, increases your energy, reduces the risk of chronic disease, and improves your sleep.

Books & Podcasts: STOP being a couch potato watching TV every night. Find books and listen to podcasts that inspire you. Feeding your mind offers new perspectives & insights and keeps you on a path of learning and growth.

Here’s to another week of living your life by design, not by default!

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