Holding onto a grudge can be like carrying a heavy burden. Not only can it weigh you down and prevent you from living a happy and fulfilled life, but it can also have numerous negative effects on your physical body. If you’re ready to release this burden and find inner peace, here are five simple […]

November 24, 2023

Vulnerability…what does that mean? In my early years, I equated it with weakness and opening yourself up to harm. I thought being vulnerable opens you up to judgment, which opens the door to shame, neither of which is my idea of a good time. One of my favorite teachers on this subject is Brené Brown. […]

October 20, 2023

Like most people, I felt I wasn’t enough for the majority of my life. When I hit rock bottom in 2012, I was also at my highest weight ever, unhappy & depressed, and felt like a complete failure in all aspects of my life. Let me tell you, that’s a hard place to come back […]

October 18, 2023

One of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned during this last decade of healing work is that healing is never linear. You don’t work through your shit and check it off some imaginary “list of traumas” that will never come up again. Healing is an evolution. In my humble opinion, healing is meeting your […]

October 11, 2023