Recognizing Generational Trauma

Generations • November 17, 2023

In my blog about becoming a Grandma, I briefly talked about feeling an even stronger responsibility and importance to feeling all the feelings and healing the trauma. This is so important for all of us because generational traumas are the invisible threads that link the past to the present, carrying the pain, suffering, and unresolved emotions of our ancestors. It’s the emotional baggage we inherit from our ancestors, passed down through generations. These traumas can continue to affect us today, often without our conscious awareness. 

They often stem from significant historical events, family experiences, or cultural backgrounds. These traumas can manifest as recurring behavioral patterns, fears, and emotional issues in individuals and families. Traumas within a family, such as abuse, addiction, or loss, can also be passed down through generations. These unresolved family issues can become generational burdens.

Recognizing generational traumas often starts with identifying patterns of behavior within your family. Are there recurring themes of addiction, abuse, or emotional struggles that have affected multiple generations?

Consider the beliefs you hold about yourself, your worth, and your capabilities. Some of these beliefs may have been passed down through generations, affecting your self-esteem and decision-making.

The first step to releasing generational traumas is acknowledging their existence. Identify recurring patterns, behaviors, and emotional triggers within your family history. Recognize the impact these traumas have had on your life. 

Awareness is the cornerstone of healing and breaking the cycle. Rewrite your narrative. You have the power to change the story for yourself and future generations by making new, conscious, and healthy choices.

Here’s to another week of living your life by design, not by default!