Time Management

Life by Design, Mindset, Uplevel • April 28, 2024

Are you managing your time or is time managing you?

Seriously, who’s leading the charge here?

Chances are it’s not you. We tend to let the day get away from us and then wonder how it’s 10pm already.

When is the last time you strategized your day, week, month?

I mean really sat down and planned out the tasks of each day based on priority. You’re probably laughing at me right now, and that’s ok. I would have laughed at me too a few years ago.

But that all changed when I began being more mindful of how I spent my time. Here are some of the things I considered:

  • Does it serve me? Is it moving me toward my goals or desired outcomes?
  • Is it necessary? Is saying no an option? (btw…no is always a valid option! My motto is – importance trumps obligation.)
  • Is this something I have to do, or can I delegate? (this even goes for cleaning your house!)
  • Am I aware of distractions? What steps am I taking to eliminate them?
  • Are my necessary tasks prioritized appropriately based on level of importance?
  • What can I plan ahead or do in advance? (this could be something as simple as making your kid’s lunch for the next day the night before.)
  • Am I blocking out time for me? Self care is not selfish!
  • If it’s not on my calendar it won’t happen. Take the time to write it down.

There will always be something that throws a wrench in your plans, so remember to be flexible and pivot when necessary. Keep in mind, we all have the same 24 hours in every day, it’s what we do with them that counts!

Here’s to another week of living your life by design, not by default!

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